Designed to help you complete a wide variety of overhead jobs, Snorkel lifts can operate on almost any surface, from flat concrete to rough, uneven terrain, and are easy to maneuver. We carry their scissor lifts, boom lifts, material lifts, telehandlers, and mast lifts, including both electric and gas powered models and options for both indoor and outdoor jobs. We also offer their Speed Level lift. Snorkel lifts are all built in the United States, so you can receive your machines quickly after ordering, and any replacement parts you need are available fast.

At JIT Toyota-Lift, we provide comprehensive service support for all your Snorkel equipment.


Scissor Lifts

Snorkel offers electric, low level, and rough terrain scissor lift models that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Engineered to keep ownership costs low, their scissor lifts are built with durable, heavy duty steel components. They feature maximum working heights from 12’ 6” to 45’ and maximum platform capacities from 500 lb to 1,500 lb.


Boom Lifts

Designed to help you access difficult to reach areas, Snorkel boom lift models deliver excellent maneuverability, allow your crew to be lifted up and over obstacles, and provide precise control of machine movements. Choose from electric, articulated, telescopic, and towable boom lift options that reach from 41’ 9” to 132’ and have platform capacities from 425 lb to 600 lb.


Mast Lifts

Perfect for large warehouse and other indoor operations, Snorkel mast lifts are a safe, more efficient alternative to ladders for overhead jobs. Access hard to reach areas, because they easily fit through standard size doorways, and choose from both self propelled and push options. Snorkel mast lift models can lift from 30’ 11” to 46’ and have maximum platform capacities from 300 lb to 500 lb.


Material Lifts

Whether you’re moving pallets in a warehouse or transporting supplies around your construction site, Snorkel has a material lift for every application. They are lightweight and maneuverable, can handle harsh environments with rugged builds and durable components, and their two speed winches make moving heavy materials easy. Their material lifts have max load capacities from 600 lb to 1,000 lb.



Must have pieces of equipment for construction and material handling operations, Snorkel telehandlers are easy to maneuver on tough terrain with four wheel drive and simple to use joystick controls. They can lift and haul supplies up high or from one side of the jobsite to the other, and carry loads weighing 5,732 lb to 13,000 lb to max heights of 19’ to 53’ 9”.


Speed Level

Providing your crew with a level work area on steep slopes or uneven terrain, Snorkel Speed Levels can climb grades up to 50% and are auto leveling. Their platforms can level up to 13° from side to side and up to 9° from front to back, and they have maximum working heights from 31’ 6’ to 35’ 4”.