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3 Reasons to Have a PM Agreement

  • June 18, 2013
  • Joyce Schwob

A Planned Maintenance Agreement is vital to keeping your forklift fleet healthy for a number of reasons.

    Here are 3 of them:

  1. During a typical PM Service inspection a technician can identify wear items before they fail, break, or damage other parts.  They can note safety related items that are inoperable and suggest replacements to you to help protect your company from potential liability.  And they can inform you about any broken or damaged parts that may fail prior to the next PM Service leading to downtime. 

  2. Otherwise you may not be aware of these situations until there was a failure or accident. The technician will give you an evaluation of the unit’s condition and note any potential problems. This helps you to plan ahead and to keep the lift truck operating safely and efficiently. 

  3. Second, a PM Service agreement demonstrates a service company’s true capabilities. Your repair company should be working with you to lower your overall operating costs. They should arrive on schedule for PM Services, have the parts needed for maintenance and repairs stocked on the service vehicle.. These factors all contribute to reducing the amount of repair bills and equipment downtime, which reduces your overall cost of ownership.. And that creates value for you and your business. So a PM agreement demonstrates a company’s commitment and ability to help YOUR business. 

  4. And third, by properly maintaining your equipment, not only will you reduce the cost of ownership, but your equipment will retain more of its value. That means a better trade-in value at replacement time. 

If you’d like to learn more about our PM programs and how we can bring value to your bottom line, let us know. Whether you have one truck to service once a year, or 100 trucks every 30 days, we will tailor a PM agreement that best suits your business.