4 Ways to Clean with Ecoflex – Advance’s Industry Leading Scrubber Technology

Joyce Schwob - November 3, 2017

EcoFlex is an industry leading solution developed by Advance to better clean floors responsibly. There are two main components that are obvious from the name “EcoFlex”. “Eco” references the environment and the machines impact on the environment. “Flex” references flexibility, and ability to adapt to different needs. 4 Ways to Clean:   Water Only Water Read more

5 Reasons We Love Pack Mule’s New Towable Order Picker Cart

Joyce Schwob - October 20, 2017

When you see the Pack Mule Towable Order Picker Cart in action, there’s an immediate realization that a decades old way of doing things just met a fresh new approach.   frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>   Here are 5 Reasons why we love this Cart: Faster Order Picking This cart speeds things up, especially if you are Read more

Full Maintenance Plan Saves More Than Just Money

Joyce Schwob - November 7, 2016

If you spend hours every week reading, interpreting, approving and disputing forklift repair invoices you may find this interesting.  With a Full Maintenance agreement on your forklifts, that could be a thing of the past. Full Maintenance agreements are typically offered on new equipment and rolled into the monthly lease payment.  And if you don’t Read more

Is an Electric Forklift the Right Choice?

Joyce Schwob - April 25, 2016

Every type and model of forklift has unique advantages.  Safety and productivity require that you use the right forklift for your application.   Electric forklifts are a great fit for warehouses and manufacturing facilities that require primarily indoor use.  If you are concerned about fumes or noise and you operate forklifts indoors, an electric forklift Read more

Toyota Forklift Offers Options, Failure isn’t One of Them

Joyce Schwob - January 25, 2016

When selecting a new forklift for your business you have a lot of options to consider; fuel types, lifting capacity, lifting height, turning radius, physical dimensions, fuel economy, ease of use, resale value. The list goes on.  While no one expects failure as an option, there are plenty of things manufacturers can and should do Read more

Determining the Right Forklift for You

Joyce Schwob - September 22, 2015

  You have a heavy job to do and you need a forklift to do the heavy lifting! With that, we know that every job is different and not all forklifts are “one size fits all.” So how do you know which forklift is right for you? Knowing which type of equipment you need will Read more

Try it Before You Buy it

Joyce Schwob - December 11, 2013

Before you commit to purchasing a new or used piece of equipment, consider these tips for test driving if first: Drive it Just like you would test drive a car at your local automobile dealership, you can go to the seller’s location and give it a try. It should start and idle well. The gauges should be easy Read more

3 Ways Toyota SAS Prevents Tipovers

Joyce Schwob - October 23, 2013

Over 94,000 lift truck accidents are reported in the US every year. Operator training is essential to reducing that number but it isn’t enough. Toyota decided that the best approach to preventing lift truck accidents is “one that combines the efforts of every person, business and organization involved” and decided take the lead role as a manufacturer. As a Read more

What Equipment Leasing Can do for Your Bottom Line

Joyce Schwob - October 9, 2013

Smart business people know that in order to stay productive and competitive, they need to continually upgrade their equipment. But few things can drain cash from a business like major equipment purchases.  Equipment leasing can be the right solution for a lot of reasons.   The Benefits of Leasing: Leasing offers many advantages over other financing Read more