How Much Can a Forklift Lift?

Joyce Schwob - December 6, 2022

Understanding your forklift capacity is crucial to using it safely and effectively in your warehouse or other material handling operation. Just because your forklift says its rated capacity is 20,000 lb doesn’t mean that it can lift that amount in all situations. The dimensions of the load, its placement, and its weight distribution can all Read more

How to Use a Forklift Nameplate to Find Out More about a Forklift

Joyce Schwob - February 1, 2019

As a forklift buyer, you might find yourself in a position where the seller doesn’t know much about the forklift (this, of course, would NEVER happen at JIT Toyota-Lift.) Or perhaps you have a new job that uses a forklift, and no one knows much about it. You can get some very important information from Read more

I’m No Fool – Around Forklifts

Joyce Schwob - February 15, 2016

Every day is full of routines – the morning commute, cooking dinner, co-existing with other humans. And in all of your daily routines there are things you naturally do to stay safe. You obey traffic signs, keep small children away from the stove and refrain from telling your boss what you really think of him/her. Read more

The Benefits of On-Site Forklift Operator Training

Joyce Schwob - May 18, 2015

If you use forklifts in your business, it is essential you have people who are properly trained to operate them. Employers are responsible to show proof that their forklift operators have been trained on the equipment they are assigned to.  If you haven’t done training in the past 3 years, or if you have not Read more

How To Get Forklift Certified in Buffalo and Western New York

Joyce Schwob - April 17, 2015

All forklift operators are required to be certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). An operator can be trained by attending a course at a trade school, or they can be certified by a trainer at their place of employment or other training facility. The guide on how to get forklift certified in Read more

How Often Must Forklift Operators Be Trained

Joyce Schwob - August 5, 2014

Most people understand OSHA’s requirement that drivers receive appropriate instruction before being allowed to operate a company’s forklift – but many get confused when it comes to refresher training and performance evaluations.   Refresher training in relevant topics needs to be done when an operator: has been observed to operate the vehicle in an unsafe Read more

3 Ways Toyota SAS Prevents Tipovers

Joyce Schwob - October 23, 2013

Over 94,000 lift truck accidents are reported in the US every year. Operator training is essential to reducing that number but it isn’t enough. Toyota decided that the best approach to preventing lift truck accidents is “one that combines the efforts of every person, business and organization involved” and decided take the lead role as a manufacturer. As a Read more

Going Going Gone – Forklift Tip Over Danger

Joyce Schwob - October 17, 2013

Forklift tip overs are the number one cause of forklift related deaths. Tip overs can be attributed to poor driving skills and these tragedies are preventable with proper forklift operator training. When you witness any of these unsafe operating conditions, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.   The likelihood of tip-overs is increased under the Read more

Can We all Just Get Along? Forklifts vs.Pedestrians

Joyce Schwob - October 2, 2013

Thankfully competitions between forklifts and pedestrians don’t happen every day. But when they do the powerful forklift usually wins, causing serious injury to the pedestrian, even death.  Here are 13 ways things employers, pedestrians and forklift drivers can all do to avoid these unpleasant confrontations. Employers:  Separate the pedestrian and forklift traffic by creating designated walkways or travel ways. Restrict Read more