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Going Going Gone – Forklift Tip Over Danger

  • October 17, 2013
  • Joyce Schwob

Forklift tip overs are the number one cause of forklift related deaths.

Tip overs can be attributed to poor driving skills and these tragedies are preventable with proper forklift operator training.

When you witness any of these unsafe operating conditions, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

The likelihood of tip-overs is increased under the following conditions or combinations of them:
  • Travelling to quickly around corners
  • Overloading
  • Traveling with the load tilted forward and/or elevated
  • Hard braking while travelling forward
  • Suddenly accelerating while travelling in reverse
  • Tilting a highly elevated load backwards or forwards too quickly
  • Traveling too fast
  • Traveling on an uneven surface
  • Turning on a ramp
There are a few signs that a driver is not being safe and needs more training or reassignment”
  • Tires skidding
  • Side sway
  • Wheels lifting


Don’t overlook the signs that indicate a driver isn’t being safe. The human and financial cost of a single forklift tip over is one that cannot be measured and with caution can be totally avoided.

Do your part and stay safe!

Toyota forklifts are uniquely equipped with a System of Active Stability or SAS. Next week’s blog will explain how these patented safety features can drastically reduce the chances of forklift tip overs and save lives.