How Much Can a Forklift Lift?

Joyce Schwob - December 6, 2022

Understanding your forklift capacity is crucial to using it safely and effectively in your warehouse or other material handling operation. Just because your forklift says its rated capacity is 20,000 lb doesn’t mean that it can lift that amount in all situations. The dimensions of the load, its placement, and its weight distribution can all Read more

Warehouse Racking – Where to Begin

Joyce Schwob - February 22, 2019

Racking is a major decision for your warehouse. A racking solution dictates the flow of your business and impacts the speed and fashion materials come in and out – your bottom line. We hope that this post will get you started in the right direction.   Multiple Options, Several New Solutions Selective Rack, Push Back, Read more

The Information You Need to Have Before Making a Warehouse Racking Decision

Joyce Schwob - February 15, 2019

Deciding on racking is a crucial decision that often becomes a lot more complicated then it initially seems. This is the information you’ll need to consider before making a decision. We highly recommend consulting an expert [contact us]. You can prepare this information in advance of such a meeting. Load Size Knowing load size is Read more

Warehouse Racking Systems – Simplifying the Options

Joyce Schwob - February 8, 2019

Warehouse Racking might seem quite simple to a casual observer… especially when it works. However, racking choices are complicated. New and better racking solutions are always being developed. There are already multiple types of racking for various applications.  Here are some of the most popular options: Selective Racking When most people think of racking, this Read more

How to Use a Forklift Nameplate to Find Out More about a Forklift

Joyce Schwob - February 1, 2019

As a forklift buyer, you might find yourself in a position where the seller doesn’t know much about the forklift (this, of course, would NEVER happen at JIT Toyota-Lift.) Or perhaps you have a new job that uses a forklift, and no one knows much about it. You can get some very important information from Read more

How To Select a Forklift Tire – 3 Things to Consider

Joyce Schwob - January 26, 2019

A forklift tire might seem like a small, inconsequential detail in finding the perfect forklift, but choosing the wrong forklift tire could minimize your forklift’s effectiveness.   1) Pneumatic or Cushion – Indoor or Outdoor? This is a primary decision in selecting a forklift  Most forklifts can only use one of these two tires – Read more

Nylon or Polyurethane Pallet Truck Wheels – Which is better?

Joyce Schwob - January 24, 2019

Deciding between Nylon Pallet Truck Wheels and Polyurethane Pallet Truck Wheels is a mostly straight forward decision, but for most people making it, it’s unchartered territory. Noise Noise reduction is a strong point of polyurethane wheels. They do not make a lot of noise while in use. Most other types, including Nylon, make audible noise Read more

10 Ideas for National Forklift Safety Day

Joyce Schwob - May 26, 2018

National Forklift Safety Day is on June 12th this year.  This day is a great opportunity to bring forklift safety to everyone’s “top of mind”.  Now is the time to prepare a worthwhile day for your team. If you search National Forklift Safety Day online, you’ll find hundreds of safety tips.  The hard part is Read more

5 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Forklift Forks

Joyce Schwob - May 16, 2016

The forks on your forklift are a hard-working and vital part of the vehicle. They will perform reliably for years if they are properly used and protected.  But if abused or neglected, even these rugged workhorses have a breaking point. . . and that can make for a very bad day at work.   Follow these 5 Read more

7 Key Forklift Fork Inspection Points

Joyce Schwob - May 9, 2016

The forks on your forklift may look sturdy and indestructible, but there’s more to a safe fork that just rugged good looks. Forklift operators are responsible for checking the forks before their shifts for obvious issues. And according to the ANSI/ITSDF B-56.1 standards they should have a thorough inspection at least once a year, more Read more