A Key Part of Forklift Maintenance: Proper Lubrication

Joyce Schwob - October 5, 2023

Your forklift requires multiple types of lubricants and oils in order to operate correctly. Choosing the best machine lubricant for each system is a critical factor for prolonging the lifespan of your components and reducing unexpected downtime. To ensure your forklifts operate at their peak, we’ve put together some key information and tips that will Read more

Warehouse Security: How to Prevent Equipment Theft

Joyce Schwob - August 17, 2023

Running a warehouse is a difficult job. You have to handle scheduling, personnel management, maintenance, forklift fleet optimization, safety, and other complex tasks. But one of the most important parts of your operation is warehouse security. Specifically, it is important to protect your equipment that you have at your facility from the possibility of theft. Read more

Warehouse Safety: Watch Out for Harmful Emissions

Joyce Schwob - August 3, 2023

Dangerous emissions can be a serious problem in warehouses and other indoor facilities where forklifts operate. As the weather cools and turns cold in the fall and winter, there are fewer doors and windows open and less ventilation, making the problem even worse. The buildup of gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) Read more

3 Signs You Might Need a New Forklift

Joyce Schwob - July 14, 2022

Your forklift works hard every single day moving around product and making your operation much more efficient. But the day will eventually come when your old forklift stops working as effectively or efficiently as it once did. Do you know what your “Cost per hour” is? Does it exceed the manufacturer’s guidelines? If so, it’s in Read more

Forklift Operation Best Practices

Joyce Schwob - June 22, 2022

When it comes to forklift operation, the most common cause of equipment issues and repairs is operator error. To help you avoid any accidents, dangerous situations, or costly downtime, we’ve put together a list of forklift tips and best practices to maintain a productive operating environment. ALWAYS CONDUCT A WALKAROUND INSPECTION Before beginning forklift operation, Read more

National Forklift Safety Day is June 14 2022

Joyce Schwob - May 26, 2022

National Forklift Safety Day is sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association.  On this day manufacturers call attention to the dangers of forklift operation and seek to educate customers, the public, and government officials about safe forklift operation. There are over 540,000 industrial truck operators employed in the United States. Keeping them operating safely benefits every Read more

Forklift Safety Trainer Jim Skinner

A Re-Opening Message from Your Forklift Safety Trainer

Joyce Schwob - June 8, 2020

Everyone has been thinking a lot about safety with the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all taken measures to reduce the chances of getting sick and of carrying the disease to someone we love; social distancing, hand washing, wearing masks, avoiding crowds, etc.  As your Forklift Safety Trainer, I would like to remind you of the importance Read more

10 Ideas for National Forklift Safety Day

Joyce Schwob - May 26, 2018

National Forklift Safety Day is on June 12th this year.  This day is a great opportunity to bring forklift safety to everyone’s “top of mind”.  Now is the time to prepare a worthwhile day for your team. If you search National Forklift Safety Day online, you’ll find hundreds of safety tips.  The hard part is Read more

Safe-tember Forklift Safety for All

Joyce Schwob - September 19, 2016

Safety Comes First For the month of September (affectionately dubbed Safe-tember) we’re focusing on safety in the warehouse and anywhere our industrial equipment serves you. Equipment Engineered for Safety Designed to not only meet but exceed OSHA and ANSI safety requirements, all Toyota forklifts are equipped with standard safety features such as overhead guards, operator Read more

National Forklift Safety Day – June 14 2016

Joyce Schwob - June 6, 2016

National Forklift Safety Day is sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association.  On this day manufacturers call attention to the dangers of forklift operation and seek to educate customers, the public and government officials about safe forklift operation. Over 190,000 new forklifts were sold in the United States last year. The material handling industry is estimated Read more