Unhappy People Don’t Give Great Customer Service

Joyce Schwob - June 20, 2016

We believe that it is our people that make us great. Because collectively they have such a vast range of experience and expertise, I asked the team if they would be willing to contribute to our blog posts.    This week’s post is by Tina Wilson. Everyone wants someone like Tina on their team. She Read more

Greener Equipment – Small Decisions Big Impact

Joyce Schwob - April 11, 2016

Thanks to advances in technology and thoughtful attention to environmental concerns, buyers have plenty of earth friendly options on industrial equipment.  Toyota Electric Forklifts Orange is the new Green. Electric forklifts can lower maintenance costs up to 30% when compared to traditional propane-powered units. They deliver high performance material handling while producing zero emissions, which Read more

Go Green to Save Some Green

Joyce Schwob - April 5, 2016

With the increasing concerns about carbon emissions, climate change, and reducing our environmental impact, we want to focus on green energy for the month of April.  As you might know, Earth Day is April 22nd and the folks at JIT are working to help your business make small changes for a big impact. Join us Read more

Why I’m Not a JIT Toyota-Lift Customer Anymore

Joyce Schwob - February 22, 2016

You know that ad that says something like “I liked the product so well I bought the company”? Well, Brian Couzens liked the company so well that he now sell its products!  Here is his story:   I spent 15 years of my career as a Warehouse Manager. During that time I worked with many Read more

How Did That "Pesky Salesman" Save His Customer 20 Grand?

Joyce Schwob - January 18, 2016

How did that pesky salesman save his customer $20,000 dollars on his next forklift purchase?   Our last blog pointed out the benefit of being open to new vendors and new technology by spending a few minutes with an open mind.  The customer in our story realized a substantial cost savings solution. Now let us Read more

5 Minutes with a Pesky Salesman

Joyce Schwob - January 11, 2016

I can’t be bothered with any pesky salesman today. I’m off to fight the war!! I don’t know where this cartoon came from or how long I’ve had it, but it’s been over 20 years. Sure it illustrates the frustration of being a sales person with a great solution and no audience. But it also Read more

Old Forklifts Never Die, They Get Recycled

Joyce Schwob - November 13, 2015

Sunday November 15th is America Recycles Day, a national initiative of Keep America Beautiful JIT Toyota-Lift takes recycling seriously every day, in fact we’ve taken the Recycle at Work Pledge whereby we have promised to recycle at least 10% more of the materials generated at our facilities over the next 2 years.   In recognition Read more

Your Customers are Counting on Your Forklifts

Joyce Schwob - June 23, 2015

You have forklifts that you depend on daily to receive, stack, move, and deliver equipment and supplies. Customer service is key to your operation, and forklifts play a critical part in delivering (pun intended) great products and service to your customers. Material handling equipment is often under-appreciated until it doesn’t work. It’s then when product Read more

Toyota Forklifts Are Award Winning

Joyce Schwob - June 5, 2015

Toyota Industrial Equipment rakes in the awards  annually and tops industry lists when compared to its competitors. Toyota Genuine Parts rank highest among all of its competitors in the 2014 Lift Truck Parts Study run by Peerless Research Group. More than 200 participants in the survey who regularly buy and evaluate forklift equipment placed Toyota’s Read more

Things to Consider When Choosing a Reliable Forklift Dealer

Joyce Schwob - April 23, 2015

Your business relies on its forklifts to move products around the warehouse, so that orders can be fulfilled. These powerful machines are essential in keeping your company running smoothly, which is why it is so important to find the right dealer to partner with. especially when you need a new forklift or repairs on one you already own. Read more