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Unhappy People Don’t Give Great Customer Service

  • June 20, 2016
  • Joyce Schwob

We believe that it is our people that make us great. Because collectively they have such a vast range of experience and expertise, I asked the team if they would be willing to contribute to our blog posts. 

This week’s post is by Tina Wilson. Everyone wants someone like Tina on their team. She genuinely wants to do whatever it takes to make others’ work easier and more efficient, so that they in turn can take great care of our customers. She shares some tips to great customer service and recognizing that some customers are called “co-workers”.

Customer Service – My Internal Customers

As the Operations Manager at JIT Toyota-Lift most of my interactions are with my co-workers, they are by far my biggest customer. 

I am our resident IT professional, software guru and business system trainer. It’s my job to help make working with and for JIT Toyota-Lift easier. I field a multitude of questions daily and try to keep a positive attitude while doing so. I like to think of myself as the go-to person. “If you don’t know, ask Tina”…If I don’t know I can usually find the answer or know who to ask. 

We all look for and want good customer service. Whether you are out for dinner, shopping at the mall or buying a car everyone wants great customer service. I find you get the best customer service from employees who are treated well as internal customers for the company they work for. It stands to reason, if a disgruntled employee is the one who you are working with, they might not be giving their best effort.

If you are happy where you work, and know that the folks there are trying to help when possible, employees will show pride in their work… There’s a huge banner is our shop that reads “Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence. “
Here is my personal Top 5 list of customer service skills

    1. Become a great listener – make sure you understand what is being asked by summarizing the question. 
    2. Great communication skills – Know when to listen and when to speak. 
    3. Be attentive – make sure to give your full attention. No one likes to be ignored or feel like they issue/task is not important. 
    4. Confidence –  confidently answer questions. 
    5. Can do attitude – if you don’t have an answer don’t say “I don’t know” be the person that says “Let me find out for you.” 
We love working with Tina. She makes our work easier so that in turn we can make it easier for you to do business with JIT Toyota-Lift.