How to Know When Your Forks Are Worn

Joyce Schwob - April 10, 2023

Although they’re tough and might seem indestructible, the forks on your forklift will not last forever. They wear out with normal use just like any other component. The key is to recognize when your forklift forks need to be replaced before an accident occurs. Waiting too long to replace worn out forks can lead to Read more

Top Tips for Warehouse Rack Safety

Joyce Schwob - February 2, 2023

When it comes to organizing your warehouse, pallet rack safety is a key part of it. You have to rely on your storage systems and equipment every day, constantly stacking and moving products whenever necessary. In order to maintain efficiencies throughout your operation, we’ve put together some critical warehouse rack safety tips to help keep Read more

National Forklift Safety Day is June 14 2022

Joyce Schwob - May 26, 2022

National Forklift Safety Day is sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association.  On this day manufacturers call attention to the dangers of forklift operation and seek to educate customers, the public, and government officials about safe forklift operation. There are over 540,000 industrial truck operators employed in the United States. Keeping them operating safely benefits every Read more

Forklift Safety Trainer Jim Skinner

A Re-Opening Message from Your Forklift Safety Trainer

Joyce Schwob - June 8, 2020

Everyone has been thinking a lot about safety with the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all taken measures to reduce the chances of getting sick and of carrying the disease to someone we love; social distancing, hand washing, wearing masks, avoiding crowds, etc.  As your Forklift Safety Trainer, I would like to remind you of the importance Read more

10 Ideas for National Forklift Safety Day

Joyce Schwob - May 26, 2018

National Forklift Safety Day is on June 12th this year.  This day is a great opportunity to bring forklift safety to everyone’s “top of mind”.  Now is the time to prepare a worthwhile day for your team. If you search National Forklift Safety Day online, you’ll find hundreds of safety tips.  The hard part is Read more