May the Forks Be with You

May the Forks Be with You – Free Forklift Forks Inspection

  • April 19, 2024
  • Joyce Schwob

Every May at JIT we celebrate what we like to call “May the Forks Be with You.” It’s a combination of three things that our team loves: Forklifts, Star Wars, and the month of May. The way we celebrate this annual tradition is by ensuring your forklift is as effective as it can be. It serves as your yearly reminder to conduct an annual forklift forks inspection.

How it works

Step #1: Free forks inspection

Bent, damaged, or misaligned forklift forks can lead to unstable loads, accidents in your warehouse, and damaged products. Inspecting them to ensure there are no surface cracks or breaks, bent blades or shanks, and that the positioning lock is functioning correctly is key to maintaining optimal forklift performance.

As part of our May the Forks Be with You event, our team will conduct a full inspection of your forklift forks for free.

Step #2: Buy More, Save More on replacement forks

If we determine that you need new forklift forks after inspecting your current ones, you can take advantage of large discounts through 5/31/24.

Buy 1 Pair and save $20

Buy 2 Pairs and save $50 ($25.00 per pair)

Buy 3 Pairs and save $90 ($30.00 per pair)

Buy 4 Pairs and save $140 (that’s $35.00 per pair)

Buy 5 Pairs and save $250 (A galactic $50.00 per pair)

Our team will work with you to determine which type and brand of forklift forks are best for your specific machine and operation.

Don’t miss out on May the Forks Be with You!

Contact our Service Department and we’ll send one of our friendly, fork measuring pros to take a good look at your forklift forks. If they need to be removed from service, we can help you with our Buy More, Save More sale on replacement forks.