Full Maintenance Plan Saves More Than Just Money

Joyce Schwob - November 7, 2016

If you spend hours every week reading, interpreting, approving and disputing forklift repair invoices you may find this interesting.  With a Full Maintenance agreement on your forklifts, that could be a thing of the past. Full Maintenance agreements are typically offered on new equipment and rolled into the monthly lease payment.  And if you don’t Read more

A Healthy Dose of Planned Maintenance

Joyce Schwob - October 23, 2014

Poor maintenance habits can put the lives of the people who work on the equipment at risk; it can also affect the financial health of the business. In order for a company to remain competitive should must follow sound vehicle and equipment maintenance procedures.  Companies with ineffective maintenance programs usually suffer from one or more Read more

Change of Season Checklist for Forklifts

Joyce Schwob - October 13, 2014

Fall Back & Spring Forward – The change of seasons brings to mind a list of seasonal things to do, change the clocks back, change the batteries in your smoke detector and seal up doors and windows against the cold   If you operate LPG internal combustion engine equipment, you need to make sure your Read more

39 Things That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Joyce Schwob - July 28, 2014

Recently I sat across the desk from one of our best customers. We’d serviced his company for over 25 years and a competitor came in significantly cheaper than us and appeared to be offering the same solution.  Both companies proposed to lease equipment with full maintenance, so the only difference he could see was the Read more

3 Reasons to Have a PM Agreement

Joyce Schwob - June 18, 2013

A Planned Maintenance Agreement is vital to keeping your forklift fleet healthy for a number of reasons. Here are 3 of them: During a typical PM Service inspection a technician can identify wear items before they fail, break, or damage other parts.  They can note safety related items that are inoperable and suggest replacements to Read more