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Why I’m Not a JIT Toyota-Lift Customer Anymore

  • February 22, 2016
  • Joyce Schwob

You know that ad that says something like “I liked the product so well I bought the company”? Well, Brian Couzens liked the company so well that he now sell its products!  Here is his story:


I spent 15 years of my career as a Warehouse Manager. During that time I worked with many different suppliers. When it comes to forklift providers, I have first-hand experience working with five different companies in the WNY area. 

In my most recent position, I was tasked with researching the purchase of the company’s first electric forklift for use in the warehouse. I was asked to get three proposals before making a decision. 

I had a long-standing relationship with our preferred vendor.  As the “incumbent”, they had a clear advantage over any other company. We had a $2,000 credit towards the purchase of a sit down forklift, so the other dealers had their work cut out for them.

The second dealer was practically located across the street from my company, so it seemed that they could come in with a strong offer.

I had been aware of JIT Toyota-Lift through visits from their sales rep, so I contacted  them for a third proposal.

Various used forklifts were offered and considered. I met with each dealer and I received proposals from two of the three dealers.  The guy across the street never even followed up with a quote!

JIT offered a competitive price and sold me on the quality of the Toyota brand. They offered different purchasing options such as lease, rent to own, and direct purchase. The unit was newer than my preferred vendor was offering and at a better cost.  They demonstrated the value of the dealership as well as the value of the equipment.

We decided that the Toyota forklift was the right piece of equipment for our application.  We actually left money on the table with our preferred vendor who seemed somewhat disinterested with the whole process.

After the order was placed the sales coordinator at JIT Toyota-Lift kept me informed on the delivery date of the forklift.  When the truck was delivered the Customer Service Support rep and the Sales Manager walked us through the features and controls.

About three months after taking delivery of the forklift, we noticed a leak and called for service.  The Service Manager dispatched a technician immediately and he identified the problem.  The forklift had to go into the shop and JIT brought me a service rental to use in the meantime.  JIT honored the 90-day warranty for parts and labor that came with the forklift. The forklift was repaired free of charge and returned it to us in a timely manner. I liked how the technicians always took the time to review their findings when performing PM’s and made suggestions on services that were due or recommended.

The sale of the forklift was not considered just a single transaction for this vendor. They had a whole staff who seemed to take genuine interest in my company’s needs.

JIT impressed me enough as a customer that when a job as Customer Service Representative was posted I jumped at the opportunity.

Now I work for JIT Toyota-Lift.  And now I can see what is behind-the-scenes, what makes JIT such a terrific dealership.  JIT is full of dedicated employees who care about what is best for their customers. They are willing to go the extra distance to keep customers satisfied. 

Our experienced parts department staff tracks down difficult to find parts. This helps keep our customer’s forklifts running, regardless of which brand it is. Downed equipment situations are addressed with the utmost importance. Customers regularly comment on how impressed they are with our timely response. Our Service Manager treats customers like they are his own and ensures that the technician whose skills best meet the customer’s needs are dispatched.  

I’ve been at JIT for 2 ½  years now and am taking on a new position as Equipment Sales Representative. So if you are in the market for equipment please give me a call; I am uniquely qualified to tell you more about what to expect from JIT Toyota-Lift. 

Oh, and we are looking to hire a new Customer Service Representative. Check out the job posting here.