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Greener Equipment – Small Decisions Big Impact

  • April 11, 2016
  • Joyce Schwob

Thanks to advances in technology and thoughtful attention to environmental concerns, buyers have plenty of earth friendly options on industrial equipment. 

Toyota Electric Forklifts

Orange is the new Green.

Electric forklifts can lower maintenance costs up to 30% when compared to traditional propane-powered units. They deliver high performance material handling while producing zero emissions, which means you can decrease your carbon footprint but still increase your productivity.

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Advance EcoFlex TM Technology

The industry’s first Hyrbird and ePower™ Drive Combination Sweeper–Scrubber. In a single broad stroke, the Advance CS7000 Combination Sweeper–Scrubber reinvents an entire class of equipment by reducing total cost of ownership — including operation, labor and maintenance, while effectively increasing fuel economy and run-time efficiency. Now, the most economical solution is also the most ecological.

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JLG Electric and Hybrid Boom Lifts 

Reduce fuel costs and harmful carbon emissions with JLG’s full line of electric and hybrid boom lifts. These dynamic units are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and help keep productivity high. 

From job start to completion, there is an electric boom lift to meet your needs and keep your job green.

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JIT Toyota-Lift can help you get great performance with less impact on the environment.

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