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Reduce Costs with Sustainable Floor Cleaning

  • March 21, 2016
  • Joyce Schwob

With the increase in utility costs, personnel shortages, and sanitary regulations, high-quality floor cleaning can be expensive and labor-intensive. Additionally, there’s a growing focus on implementing green initiatives that reduce environmental and health impacts in the workplace.

Thanks to recent developments in in floor cleaning technology, machines are more versatile and efficient while reducing environmental impact. Sustainable cleaning programs vary by facility and industry type, but the two basic components of any approach will save time, energy, and money.

Chemical Solution Usage

Harsh cleaning chemicals can have harmful and lasting effects on building occupants. The frequent use of highly-concentrated solvents can lead to low door air quality and increased respiratory health risks. Green Seal, EcoLogo™and EPA Design for the Environment provide certified chemicals that reduce the health risks associated with traditional cleaning products.

Equipment Options

Within the Advanced line of scrubbers, you’ll find a variety of tools to decrease waste and increase productivity.

Several floor cleaning units offer a seamless switch between water-only cleaning and varying degrees of detergent to prevent unnecessary product waste. Other units offer multiple pressures and flow rates to effectively clean at various strengths and concentrations – eliminating the time-consuming need for double or triple scrubbing. By investing into a sweeper/scrubber combination unit you can do both jobs in a single pass and save time

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