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I’m No Fool – Around Forklifts

  • February 15, 2016
  • Joyce Schwob

Every day is full of routines – the morning commute, cooking dinner, co-existing with other humans. And in all of your daily routines there are things you naturally do to stay safe. You obey traffic signs, keep small children away from the stove and refrain from telling your boss what you really think of him/her. As Jiminy Cricket would say, “You’re no fool”.

Workplace safety should be part of your natural routine. Whether you operate forklifts, supervise the forklift operators, or just navigate the same space as the forklifts, here are a few things you should be mindful of on a daily basis.

Stop: Operators should not just hop on the equipment at the start of their shiftand go. They need to stop and do a pre-shift inspection of the equipment. (Not only is it a good idea, but also an OSHA mandate). Pre-shift safety check forms are a great way to document that the inspections are being done. It also alerts management to repairs that need to be done to keep the equipment safe and in service.

Look: At the floor under the machine. Make sure there is no fluid on the floor; that stuff is slippery and we don’t want anyone to slip and fall. While you are looking at the floor do you see any stretch wrap, plastic banding and any other debris in the area where forklifts operate? If so, pick it up and dispose of it. These items can get wrapped up in the wheels of the forklift and cause needless damage and costly repairs.

Listen: Do you hear a horn or a back-up alarm? That may be your only signal that a forklift is being operated nearby. Use caution anytime you are near forklifts in operation. They are powerful machines that are heavy and not as easy to stop as they look. Never, ever get comfortable working around or on forklifts.

Follow these tips and you just might just save a person from injury. Not only that but you can save your company money; whether it is in insurance costs, worker’s compensation, or damage to the equipment.

Remember its up everyone to ensure safety and well-being at the workplace. At the end of the day the goal is to collect our paychecks and go home to the people that love us. You play safe for you and me ’cause you’re no fool.

— Special thanks to Jim Skinner, JIT Forklift Safety Trainer for contributing to today’s blog post.