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The Benefits of On-Site Forklift Operator Training

  • May 18, 2015
  • Joyce Schwob

If you use forklifts in your business, it is essential you have people who are properly trained to operate them.

Employers are responsible to show proof that their forklift operators have been trained on the equipment they are assigned to.  If you haven’t done training in the past 3 years, or if you have not trained and tested your current operators it is time to get a forklift operator safety trainer in.


Here are some benefits of having forklift operator certification done at your business:


There’s no need so send your people off site. JIT Toyota-Lift will come to your location and use a conference or break room to train your people and administer the certification test.  This keeps the time away from production to a minimum as no travel time is needed, and there are no travel costs. Classes are scheduled when it is convenient for you and your schedule.  And while we’re at it, now would be a great time to include a few of your key staff who are not already forklift certified.  They can assist in a pinch.  It can be more convenient to have a few of your current employees certified to operate a forklift than trying to hire new forklift operators. 

Reviews and Outlines

A good trainer will provide you with performance reviews for all of your trainees at the conclusion of the course.  You should also receive an outline of the topics covered in the class and main points learned. You will get an evaluation of the employee’s progress while learning to drive the company’s forklifts. Companies that do training at your location take the time to keep you apprised of the information provided and progress of your employees’ achievements.


Not all forklifts are identical. You want your employees to be proficient at operating your particular units. From a sit-down forklift to one made for narrow aisles, you’ve selected forklifts that are best suited for your company. A recent hire who may have a “forklift license” from another company still may not be sufficiently trained to operate your forklifts. That’s because OSHA requires that businesses train and certify forklift operators in their specific environment and on their specific equipment.  

Doing on-site training ensures that you are compliant with OSHA regulations and maintaining a safe operating environment for your employees.


We are ready to schedule OSHA compliant forklift operator safety training at your facility, on your schedule. To learn more about our certification program at your location contact us today.