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Determining the Right Forklift for You

  • September 22, 2015
  • Joyce Schwob


You have a heavy job to do and you need a forklift to do the heavy lifting! With that, we know that every job is different and not all forklifts are “one size fits all.” So how do you know which forklift is right for you? Knowing which type of equipment you need will save you time, money and frustration, but we understand that choosing the proper forklift can be difficult. Here are a few different types of forklifts to help you determine which is the perfect fit for you:



Used in the case of indoor operations as it does not emit emissions, fairly quiet and is capable of lifting heavy loads.


Effective for tight spaces where maneuverability and space requirements make a larger forklift inefficient.


Usually fitted with pneumatic tires with a characteristic “meatier” tread with high durability. This forklift has outriggers at the front which provides support for the weight of the load on a variety of surfaces.

Internal Combustion

Are practical for outdoors due to their easy refueling option and capacity to handle rough terrain. They will generate more power than electric forklifts and move quicker over longer distances.


A sturdy, reliable IC lift but with the benefit of low fuel consumption.


Considered eco-friendly with a low-carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions exhaust. In addition they are cost-effective with a longer run cycle than electric counterparts.


Contain “boom lift” technology instead of a vertical fork mast, usually found on most machines. This enables machine to extend over obstructions and lift objects rather than simply lifting them vertically.


Whether your heavy load is in a warehouse, construction site or a storage facility determining the right forklift makes your job efficient and is a worthwhile investment. If you would like more information on what equipment is right for you please contact us today.