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4 Ways to Clean with Ecoflex – Advance’s Industry Leading Scrubber Technology

  • November 3, 2017
  • Joyce Schwob

EcoFlex is an industry leading solution developed by Advance to better clean floors responsibly. There are two main components that are obvious from the name “EcoFlex”. “Eco” references the environment and the machines impact on the environment. “Flex” references flexibility, and ability to adapt to different needs.

4 Ways to Clean:


  1. Water Only

    Water only cleaning is the most environmentally friendly way to clean. Absolutely no chemicals are used in this type of cleaning. Water only cleaning removes surface dirt and provides a clean look.

  2. Ultra-Low Detergent

    The Ultra-Low Detergent setting is great for routine cleaning. It utilizes far less detergent than a typical mix but still provides better cleaning effectiveness than just water and a clean scent. Typical applications dilute chemicals at a ratio of 128:1 with 128 parts water and 1 part detergent. Ultra-Low Detergent mixes at a ratio of 400:1. Not only is this good for the environment, it’s good for your budget as well.

  3. Standard Detergent

    Standard Detergent utilizes a standard detergent to water ratio. This is important for grout or porous surfaces that can otherwise be difficult to clean.

  4. Burst of Power

    A Burst of Power increases the brush pressure, water flow rate, and amount of detergent for 60 seconds. It’s perfect for heavily soiled areas and unexpected challenges.

Push of a Button

Perhaps the best part of the EcoFlex system is the ability to switch between the cleaning modes quickly. Water and detergent combine at application instead of relying on a premixed mixture. This allows the operator to change cleaning modes with the push of a button.