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5 Reasons We Love Pack Mule’s New Towable Order Picker Cart

  • October 20, 2017
  • Joyce Schwob

When you see the Pack Mule Towable Order Picker Cart in action, there’s an immediate realization that a decades old way of doing things just met a fresh new approach.



Here are 5 Reasons why we love this Cart:

  1. Faster Order Picking

    This cart speeds things up, especially if you are picking multiple products of different sizes and weights.  It takes time to place items on a pallet in a perfect stack.  Having multiple shelves allows the operator to put similarly sized items together and avoid rearranging a huge stack.

  2. Sorting

    Having multiple shelves allows sorting by category, size, weight, or any other strategy.  Different orders or product types can be separated.  

  3. Improved Operator Safety

    This cart has a back and sides that ensure operator safety.  Operators tend to unsafely step on the pallet to place the furthest items.  This cart has a solid floor instead of wooden beams.

  4. Product Security

    Products can’t fall off the back or sides of a pallet.  Fewer items are dropped as a result.  Not only does this provide product safety, but it provides safety for pedestrians below.

  5. Easy Towing

    After a cart is full, they can be easily towed away.  A Pack Mule Vehicle is designed for this purpose and attaches in seconds.  The carts can be attached together so multiple carts can be linked and transported at the same time.  Carts can also be easily moved by a forklift or pallet jack.



For more information visit our Pack Mule Vehicles section or our Towable Order Picking Cart page.

JIT Toyota-Lift recently became a Pack Mule dealer and we know many of our business partners will benefit greatly from this new offering.

We’re excited to continue our tradition of providing the best equipment for ideal solutions.

If you’re as excited as we are about Pack Mule’s Towable Order Picker Cart, click here and you can request a quote on this item or give us a call at (833) 311-5534.