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7 Technologies Only Advance Cleaning Equipment Offers

  • January 19, 2019
  • Joyce Schwob
  1. EcoFlex

    Advance’s EcoFlex System goes beyond standard green cleaning by offering sustainability and efficiency, while still meeting the highest standards for clean floors.


  3. DustGuard

    DustGuard technology uses an ultra-fine fog proven to reduce airborne dust generated by side broom sweeping. OSHA updated its silica exposure standards, and DustGuard helps you do so.


  5. REV Technology

    REV floor scrubbers use Random Orbital Scrubbing technology. They scrub deeper and more uniformly, and leave your perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks.


  7. SmartFlow

    SmartFlow adjusts solution flow with the machine’s speed, using less water and chemicals. This allows for proportionally higher productivity with fewer dump and refill cycles per tankful.


  9. ClearView

    ClearView sight lines assure excellent field of vision for the driver and helps maintain safety.


  11. QuickChange

    QuickChange is an interchangeable deck system that can be changed with no tools.


  13. OneTouch

    OneTouch enables all functions including the main broom, side brooms, vacuum fan, and DustGuard all with one push.