What happens if I chose not to purchase a maintenance plan?

Joyce Schwob - August 22, 2017

You are not required to purchase a maintenance plan with your forklift. Be sure to maintain your vehicle properly. Doing so will help you avoid damage that could have been easily prevented. Proper maintenance also ensures your warranty is valid.

How do Maintenance Plans affect my company’s liability?

Joyce Schwob - August 22, 2017

Planned Maintenance Plans and Full Maintenance Plans ensure that your forklifts’ warranties are viable. Your technician will make recommendations that fulfill all of Toyota’s recommendations for inspections, adjustments, and replacements as defined in the operators and service manuals. Purchasing a maintenance plan is a responsible decision that demonstrates your company is being proactive in maintaining Read more

What equipment does JIT Toyota-Lift provide Routine Maintenance for? What equipment does JIT Toyota-Lift provide Full Maintenance Plans for?

Joyce Schwob - August 22, 2017

JIT Toyota-Lift can provide maintenance for any industrial equipment. As dealers, we service Toyota Forklifts, JLG Aerial Lifts, Toyota AICHI Aerial Lifts, Advance Cleaning Equipment, and Pack Mule Industrial Vehicles and Trailers. We also service other brands of forklifts, aerial lifts, cleaning equipment, and industrial vehicles and trailers. We are capable of servicing any type Read more

How can Toyota t-matics save me money?

Joyce Schwob - August 11, 2017

Toyota t-matics is a fleet management tool that reports on the utilization, productivity and maintenance needs of an individual forklift, an entire fleet and/or an individual forklift operator.  t-matics will help create accountability among forklift operators, reduce damanaging impacts, plan maintenance schedules and provide the data needed to effectively manage fleet sizes, material handling operations, Read more

Who teaches forklift training for JIT Toyota-Lift?

Joyce Schwob - August 7, 2017

JIT Toyota-Lift’s forklift training classes are taught by Jim Skinner. Jim brings a unique set of skills as he worked many years as a road technician and now works as a Customer Service Support Rep and Training Specialist. Having worked on forklifts, he has an understanding of what is important to forklift operators, maintenance supervisors, Read more