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Tips for Forklift Filters

  • July 18, 2022
  • Joyce Schwob
Forklift filters

Filters are some of the most important forklift components. They are used to keep fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluids clean and pure as they flow throughout your machine’s systems, lubricating parts and dispersing heat. Small pieces of material and particles created by component wear and tear are picked up by your forklift’s oil and hydraulic fluid. If these contaminants are not separated by forklift filters, they will cause serious damage to your equipment.

Use two stage forklift filters

Forklift filters are designed to trap extremely fine particles and remove them from your machine’s fluids. Toyota forklifts are very advanced machines, and you need to take the correct steps to protect their components. When it comes to slowing down wear and tear on Toyota forklift parts, we recommend you use only two stage filters.

Two stage forklift filters pass hydraulic fluid, oil, and fuel through multiple levels of filtration, ensuring all impurities are removed effectively. Single stage filters lack this extra level of particle removal, resulting in a larger number of contaminants entering your engine systems, leading to accelerated wear and tear.

Choose genuine Toyota forklift filters

When it comes to deciding on which filter or other forklift components to purchase, it’s always best to use genuine Toyota forklift parts. Toyota’s filters are two stage filters, designed specifically for your machine, and tailored to boost its performance.

Toyota puts all of their components through the most rigorous quality control process, ensuring all required standards and tolerances match the exact filter or part that you need to replace. If you choose to purchase a filter from an aftermarket supplier, it may not be perfectly compatible with your Toyota forklift, which could lead to more downtime and higher maintenance costs later.

Always check your owner’s manual

It’s important to order the right forklift filters for your specific machine. Consult your owner’s manual to find the correct one. If you are not sure which filter is right for your equipment, contact our team at JIT Toyota-Lift. We’ll help you find the best Toyota forklift parts that will maximize performance.

If you have any questions about forklift filters or other Toyota forklift parts, please contact our parts team today at 716-922-2399.