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Keeping It Real – Toyota Genuine Forklift Parts

  • November 24, 2015
  • Joyce Schwob

You bought your Toyota forklift for a reason, right?

In your buying decisions you factored in the quality, durability and reliability of the Toyota product. Toyota owners recognize the value of the Toyota brand and that’s why they choose to invest in it for the long run. 



So when it’s time to purchase replacement parts for your investment, keep it real! 

Forklift parts are unique goods and should not be regarded as mere commodities. Toyota forklift equipment and Toyota Genuine Parts may not always be the lowest cost option, but the quality, durability and reliability may make Toyota a better long-term value. In fact,  Toyota Genuine Parts are the exact same parts your forklift was built with, so sticking with the real thing just makes sense. They are manufactured to work hard and to last.

More about Toyota Genuine Forklift Parts

At Toyota, we know our parts are quality, so we back them up in writing with the industry’s #1 warranty:
  • Toyota Genuine Parts are covered for one year or 2,000 hours from the date of purchase or installation. In that one year or 2,000 hours, Toyota will provide a replacement part or repair any Toyota replacement part that is defective under normal use and maintenance. 
  • PLUS If the part was originally installed by Toyota certified technician, Toyota will cover the cost for the dealership to install the replacement part.  Now that’s, value!

For more information on the value of Toyota Genuine Parts, check out this video:

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