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May the Forks Be With You

  • May 2, 2018
  • Joyce Schwob

Today marks the beginning of our annual tradition we call like to call “May the Forks be With You”. It’s a crazy intersection of our love of forklifts, of Star Wars and the month of May.

Step One, Inspect your Forks

Our May the Forks event serves as that yearly reminder to do an annual fork inspection. We’ll even do it for you. . . for FREE. 

Step Two, Get Special Discounts on Replacements

If you do your part and inspect your forklift forks, we’ll offer these great discounts through 5/31/18.

Buy 1 Pair and save $20

Buy 2 Pairs and save $50 ($25.00 per pair)

Buy 3 Pairs and save $90 ($30.00 per pair)

Buy 4 Pairs and save $140 (that’s $35.00 per pair)

Buy 5 Pairs and save $250 (A galactic $50.00 per pair)

During the month of May we are offering FREE FORK INSPECTIONS. Contact our Service Department and we’ll dispatch one of our friendly, fork measuring pros to take a good look at your forks. And if they need to be removed from service, we can help you with our buy more save more sale on replacement forks.