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Toyota 8-Series Focuses on Durability

  • November 13, 2013
  • Joyce Schwob



1. Capable of withstanding wear and tear or decay:
2. Able to perform or compete over a long period, as by avoiding or overcoming injuries:
3. Lasting; stable


As with all of their products, Toyota’s new 8-series forklifts are engineered to last using Toyota’s world-renowned production system. It delivers quality, durability and reliability to the industry. As an industry leader, Toyota has multiple top of the line features that provide the highest level of durability possible such as fully-stamped steel side panels, moisture-resistant electrical connectors and a variety of other innovative features

Here are just some of the many durability features of the new 8-series Toyota Forklift

  • Heavy-duty asbestos-free brakes Provide responsive and consistent braking power.
  • Rear combination lights *  Long-life rear combination LED lights.
  • Engine protection system Reduces the engine’s output if the coolant temperature dangerous levels. This feature prolongs engine life and reduces operating costs.
  • Fully sealed air-intake Limits low-lying dust and debris from entering the engine.
  • Moisture-resistant electrical connections Less susceptible to water intrusion and corrosion.
  • Efficient cooling system Provides optimal airflow through the radiator and counterweight thereby reducing the likelihood of overheating.
  • Hydraulic accumulator * Acts as a load shock absorber.
  • Tilt cylinder protection boots * Reduces dirt accumulation on the cylinders, thereby limiting cylinder rod scouring and seal damage which causes hydraulic cylinder leaks.
  • Structurally rugged mast channel design Provides maximum load capacity retention.
  • Reinforced load backrest extension
  • Toyota’s Intelli-Shift option * Protects critical drive train components from full-speed directional shift changes.
  • Stamped steel engine hood  Provides maximum durability in the most demanding situations.
  • Controller Area Network (CAN-bus) communication technology Quicker, more reliable control of the truck functions with fewer components.
  • Fully-stamped steel side panels Withstand the harshest environments.
  • Plate-iron front fenders Withstand tough situations.
  • Durable, curvilinear bolt-on overhead guard and Overhead guard pillars Enhances the frame’s rigidity while providing operator protection with improved entry/exit and load visibility 
  • *optional equipment

Protect your forklift investment by selecting the brand known for it’s durability.  We’d be glad to show you the Toyota difference