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Use the Force – Cascade’s Touch Force Control

  • May 23, 2016
  • Joyce Schwob

You don’t need to be a Jedi to “Use the Force”. The Cascade Touch Force Control will boost your company’s productivity faster than the Millennium Falcon in hyper-drive. (well, it’s fast)

The Touch Control Force is a pressure and force control system that allows drivers to easily select the product being handled which then automatically applies the appropriate clamp force. No more guess work or gauges that potentially lead to damaged product and reduced profits. The system is targeted towards operations using clamps (Paper Roll, Carton and Layer Pickers)  with different packaging types, box integrity, load sizes or weights.

  • Intuitive touch screen interface 
  • No prior clamp force knowledge required take all operator guesswork out of the equation, eliminates driver’s need to remember clamp force settings
  • Fast learning curve ideal for environments with high driver turnover, minimal training time as new drivers will typically master basics in 10 minutes
  • Targeted pressure control don’t settle for just three pressure control settings for the entire warehouse, TFC provides hundreds of settings
  • Repeat load selection repeat button easily allows driver to select the same load type with one touch, improving driver efficiency and productivity. 

Contact our Sales Department for more information on how Cascades’ Touch Force Control can work for your business.