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What Industrial Batteries and Children Have in Common

  • March 13, 2013
  • Joyce Schwob

Consider treating your industrial forklift battery is just like a small child.

Both require a lot of attention and if you don’t give them what they need it, you’re in for a miserable time.

Like a child, a battery needs eight hours of play, eight hours to recharge (sleep) and eight hours to cool off.

If you let them play too long their tempers begin to heat up. Don’t give them enough energy and they get tired real fast and start acting up again. And don’t forget to give them a good drink. But not too much, or they will spit up all over and that will be a real mess. And remember when it is time, no matter what, they have to be changed!

As the child grows older, that unlimited energy begins to dwindle. When he reaches his final years he finds it hard to last the whole day. Batteries are the same way. They begin to slow down as they reach their golden years. Going through an entire day becomes more difficult. Finally, when they can no longer keep up, they are retired.

To determine the health of your battery, here are a few points to consider:

  • Can your battery make it the entire shift? If not, a six hour capacity discharge test should be conducted by a trained professional. This will determine if the battery has one, or possibly many bad cells. In most cases, a tired battery can be repaired.
  • Keep in mind that a battery which looks bad (cracked top seal or covers, case bulging with corrosion) requires reconditioning even if it operates sufficiently.
  • Does the battery smell? A bad smell can be a result of acid outflow and the outcome of this problem can drastically reduce the life of your battery. Acid that accumulates between the individual cells and the battery case will cause corrosion to grow from the steel case and push in the sides of the jars, accelerating acid leakage and furthering corrosion damage.
  • Acid leaking from your battery is a serious matter because it reduces the concentration in the electrolyte, thus reducing performance. Also, that acid may leak on the truck and corrode sensitive drive components.


So if your “child” isn’t as lively as they used to be, giving them some special attention may help prolong their useful lives.

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